Why Volunteer Tree Care?


There is a huge need for help caring for urban trees.  City budgets usually fund planting and hazard removal, but limited routine care. More proactive care can reduce the need for big interventions and help trees live healthier, longer lives. Over decades, this additional care results in a more vibrant urban forest

Fortunately, trained volunteers can do most of the routine care key to keep urban trees living long, healthy lives in harmony with their surroundings. This is where STL TreeLC comes in.

STL TreeLC aims to help community members of varying skill and time commitments become confident, empowered citizen foresters, creating a culture of care in the tree canopy. 

Volunteers Receive:
  • Training in basic tree care
  • Tree care tools and materials
  • Outreach and educational documents
Volunteers Provide:
  • Mulch, water, and prune trees identified by the inventory
  • Support tree care planning by updating inventory data
These Efforts Will:
  • Bridge gaps in existing forestry resources and programs
  • Support the work of our partner organizations

Our Mission
STL TreeLC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that equips, educates, and empowers residents to improve the health of the St. Louis urban tree canopy. Our mission is to improve STL’s canopy by recruiting, training, and empowering residents to care for and protect city trees.

Our Vision
Empower residents with tools and knowledge to transform their neighborhood tree canopy and build a community of volunteers for long-term stewardship. It is our hope to develop a sustainable, volunteer-led tree care program able to grow and mature over the long-term and provide ongoing, meaningful opportunities for residents to be active outdoors.

Our Values
The following philosophy guides decisions, actions taken, and our approach at STL TreeLC:

  • Value inclusion in our meetings and events
  • Prioritize administrative and financial transparency and accountability
  • Allow all voices to be heard when making decisions.


STL TreeLC wouldn’t exist without the support of our community partners, Forest ReLeaf and the City of St. Louis Forestry Division. It is our intent to augment and build on their critical work.


Want to work with us?

To partner with STL TreeLC or get advice or assistance on a tree care project or educational event, please email info@stltreelc.org!

Contact Us:

Phone: 314-282-4175

Email: info@stltreelc.org


Mailing Address:

PO BOX 775293, St. Louis, MO, United States, 63177-5293


STL TreeLC is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization, tax ID #87-0997806.