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Articles On the Benefits of Urban Trees

Click on the titles below to learn more about the how important our urban canopy is!

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Cooling Cities by Throwing Shade

National Geographic Overheard Podcast | 8.3.21

Fewer trees shade the poor neighborhoods of U.S. cities, but increasing the urban canopy involves more than just adding trees.

Trees: The Critical Infrastructure Low-income Neighborhoods Lack

The Columbian | 7.19.21

When temperatures heat up, urban canopy coverage becomes critical for the health and well-being of a city’s residents.

What Technology Could Reduce Heat Deaths? Trees.

New York Times | 7.3.21

US Needs 30m New Trees to Combat Shade Disparity, Study Finds

The Guardian | 6.29.21

Bringing Back Trees To 'Forest City's' Redlined Areas Helps Residents And The Climate

NPR | 6.23.21

Why Keeping One Mature Street Tree is Far Better for Humans and Nature Than Planting Lots of New Ones

PhysOrg | 2.2.21

Planting Tiny Forests to Combat Extreme Heat in South Asian Cities

The World Podcast | 7.16.20

Planting Trees Could Help This City Prevent 400 Premature Deaths

CNN | 4.27.20

What Happens If You Cut Down All of a City's Trees?

TED-Ed/YouTube | 4.24.20

Stefan Al

What’s Better Than Planting a Trillion Trees? Protecting the Forests While We Are At It

New York Times | 2.2.20

Reforestation is Not Necessarily About Planting More Trees

Al Jazeera | 1.18.20

A much less costly way to regenerate our forests and decrease carbon levels is to assist nature to do its job.

US Cities Are Losing 36 Million Trees a Year. Here’s Why It Matters and How You Can Stop It

CNN | 9.18.19

Trees Are Key To Fighting Urban Heat—But Cities Keep Losing Them

NPR | 9.4.19

As Rising Heat Bakes U.S. Cities, The Poor Often Feel It Most

NPR | 9.3.19

Planting Billions of Trees Is the 'Best Climate Change Solution Available Today,' Study Finds

EcoWatch | 7.5.19

Urban Forests Are Crucial For Combating Climate Change, But Planting More Trees Is Easier Said Than Done

Boston Globe | 8.16.19

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