Get Involved

Improving tree health and longevity is just too large a task to tackle with only professional labor. Concerned community members’ first step to helping is to simply pay more attention to community trees.

Notice things like broken branches and wilted leaves. Report observed issues so arborists and volunteers may address them before they become serious problems.

Ways to Get Involved:

Attend an Upcoming Event

STL TreeLC hosts a tree pruning event on the second Saturday of each month. Our monthly planning meetings are on the fourth Thursday of each month. We also partner with other organizations and participate in events such as Earth Day!

Register as a Volunteer

Trees don’t prune themselves. Our blitzes are successful because of compassionate community members like yourself. Volunteering isn’t only on the other end of a pair of shears, though. We have many opportunities and ways for you to help!

Learn Basic Tree Care

Knowing the basics and what to look for is a huge leg up on understanding how to care for our communities’ trees. By learning and recognizing the signs of trouble you can alert the proper folks. Or if its a small issue, you can remediate it yourself. Good job, you!

Whether you prefer digging through dirt or emails, you can help care for the canopy!

What Does “TreeLC” Entail?

Well, that depends!

Click through the tabs to learn about the variety of ways we can help St. Louis’ trees not only survive, but thrive.

  • Inventory street trees to update Forestry records and direct future work
  • Report trees needing care, removal, or replacement to CSB
  • Request a new tree for a vacant tree lawn
  • Adopt a public tree
  • Community-centered Events
  • Robust volunteer program
  • Process(es) for expanding existing tree pits/restoring paved tree lawns
  • Ordinances for protection of trees during construction
  • Ordinances/incentives for protecting large diameter trees, including on private property
  • Tree planting alert – postcard to alert residents that a tree will be planted by them
  • Tree watering request – postcard to request residents water a tree by their house
  • Handout for canvassing for tree watering or neighborhood meetings
  • Postcards/fridge magnet with basic tree watering guidelines
  • Organize a Neighborhood Foresters group in your neighborhood
  • Help neighbors manage their large trees, maybe even sharing the cost of pruning, etc
  • Educate others on the value of public and private trees as environmental/health infrastructure
  • Intervene (if safe) when you see someone harming a city tree
  • Present at community/neighborhood meetings about STL TreeLC & Neighborhood Foresters

If you are passionate about one of these or have other ideas, fill out our volunteer interest form or email!

Where To Start?

TreeLC can take many forms, but we began with a focus on three simple but impactful direct care tasks: mulching, watering, and clearance pruning.

Mulching and watering are both critical to help new trees survive transplant shock and become established. Clearance pruning addresses trees’ conflicts with the urban environment to prevent lifespan limiting damage.

A key part of our mission is to empower volunteers with the basic knowledge and tools needed to complete these tasks. The combo of volunteer direct care and reporting has a huge potential to improve the health of our tree canopy.

We hope that this increased connection with the urban tree canopy will translate into better urban forestry & streetscape policies and increase investment in tree care.

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Mailing Address:

PO BOX 775293, St. Louis, MO, United States, 63177-5293


STL TreeLC is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization, tax ID #87-0997806.